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CheaTeRz Journey of slalom ;) [update 09th July]

*UPDATES as 09th JULY*

Soo im back with update. Not much thou. the tricks i want to learn getting harder each time thus making my progress alot slower. Ive been training on backward 1 foot and mabrouk alot to make it perfect. Ive found out that by learning mabrouk and backward nelson ive manage to change my tricks between run more easily.

so now, im looking forward for volt and italian. kinda hard thou.


(24/03/2011 - 31/03/2011)
criss cross
alternate cross
eagle snake

(1/04/2011 - 11/04/2011)
backward free ride
backward snake
backward cross

Forward Nelson
Eagle Cross

(2/06/2011 - 8/07/2011)
Backward Nelson
Backward 1 Foot

1st week
okay, fish are pretty easy. once ive manage the basics, its not really hard to do in 1 day.
well snake is easy untill i need to find how to keep on moving while legs in the same line. other than that, its quite easy.
criss cross, takes 2 days to learn. bend the knee! its crucial!
alternate cross, another 2 days.
eagle snake. 2 days.

2nd week
backward ride are hard to manage since im not really confidence with my balance, a whole 3 days to get the confidence only.
backward snake take me about 4 days.
backward cross 1 days. (after ive gotten the trick for snake, the cross seems naturally easy)

18th April 2011
Forward nelson - at 1st im doing it wrong, instead of crossing the cone, im making it otherwise. manage to fix it after several tries.
Eagle Cross - pretty hard, still manageable.

27th April 2011
still training for reaching snake and backward 1 foot thou.
done alot of free skating rather than practice slalom, have switch my rocker to flat for free ride due to my usual practice ground have been conquered by skateboarders :/

09th July 2011
Now im training for volt and italian, then im going ahead for crazy, since i heard alot that crazy is one of  the essential tricks which will be used alot in transition from 1 tricks to another. my cup were smash up 1 by 1 each week, need to buy a new 1. :D

My Video

end of 1st week, alternate cross :