Urgent Need!


1 Hour past midnight. . .


Happy birthday Zetty Hamimi Bt. Zakaria! Wishing you all the best in your life as how you wish me all the best too :D
thx for everything, support in term of money, spiritually, physically, and mentally. you have been a GREAT sis ^_^ weee!
Wish there is no more difficulties in you life as how have you been through.. so GOOD LUCK!!

My dear eka/ate/ulfah must've been mad at coz im ignoring her since ive touch dota from 10pm. Sorry dear!!!
well, its been a while that im playing any dota, last time i play was like last week? its was like a months to me ya know!! anyway, im still to look for buyers for my brother's laptop that is on sale. .

OMG, i need my a new laptop!!! In my head there's only one, Lenovo Ideapad Z460. Its been on my mind for its really nice spec and price. . lets see the spec;

Intel i5 (2.3Ghz up to 2.8Ghz boost)
320gb Hdd
Nvidia Graphic with 512mb dedicated memory

this package also included with Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium. so its a WOW package

Next in line is HP G42-180x
with a similar Intel i5
the only difference is the Ati Mobility Graphic with 512mb dedicated  memory.

so, its the difference in graphic card. ^_^

hmm.. im so obsessed with the new laptop now. i really need it, my life isnt complete without a laptop that functioning the way i want! hahaha. anyway, my blog almost reach 1000 view, well its not really something to compare with someone that had a 5000+ view and dont even care about it..

what should i do to make my blog look nicer and more organize.. well, to me.. it looks really unprofessional, but still i have no idea what should i add or remove.. hmm, GUIDE ME OH MY IDOL, hahaha :D

thats it for now, no idea what else to write.. :) 

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