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Yo stalkers!
haha just kiddin, yosh yosh my dear reader :D
how ya guys doing? im perfectly fine except from those bruise, scratch, muscle pain, im just fine ^_^
yes and again, im goint to talk about skates, i dont really know if im already can be classified as skaters or not, but hey im trying my best to catch up with everyone okay (even tho im the only one with slalom discipline at jengka).

So yeah, even tho im a geek before, so now im changing to a geek skater hellyea! hahahaha.
anyway, remember my checklist from my previous post? ;

1. Perfectin the most basic tricks, FISH (currently at 80%).
2. Reach 50% on SNAKE
3. Crossover turn, finish it up
4. Powerslide. (currently at 50%)
with addition of:
5. Criss-Cross
6. Alternate Cross
7. One Foot forward.
8. Jump From 1 and 1/2 foot box

Wohooo! from just a week, ive manage to cross them up. yes i did take it seriously and it would be a pleasure to have someone teach me more about slalom and stuff

Gadgets and stuff ive used for slalom vigorous training:

1. Oakley Spectacle Strap. Yeah i bought it at mudah (not original one, but hey as long as it usable its fine), i bought it 2 for RM20, and another one is red colour still havent use yet. if anyone interested, do ask me! This has saved me from getting careful not to drop my spectacle whenever i fall. now i can go extreme with  my skates!

2. Tech Army Watch. :'(
sadly on 26/03/2011 ; 06:20pm the time where i fall and break those iron strap :'(. this time i wonder if still can be repair, and i think if i did so, i might need to change the whole strap. Used it to mark time of training and my run over 2 hours, its the only watch i got :(

3. HADN Black. My 1st freestyle and most expensive(for me, for other inline skater its the cheapest) skates that ive ever bought and its damn worth it. the wheel is damn smooth compare from joerex flight, the softboot inside the shell is damn comfy + fit to my feet which is the best for me.  Ankle cuff which is very useful from injuring my ankle during my routine. Hadn deluxe can adjust the angle of it cuff, i wonder how comfortable it is since this one is good enough for me :D
now it going to take a break for 2 days (monday and tuesday) from training :D

4. Cheap Cup from RM2 store! (RM6 for 12cups).
yeah, i used it to replace the cons usually used for slalom. A set of cones official for slalom is hell expensive(RM40) for a sets of 20. So for now im going to hold on to this 1st. The diameter from official cone only differ for 5mm. so i guess its fine for now.

There is going to be some more stuff that im going to add for accessories for my routine, i bought a knee support from the internet to prevent light injuries for my knees. But it still on it ways to Jengka from KL. Anyway, thats it for now. And if you manage to read until this part, CONGRATULATION! cause i know its hell long of essays about skates. I HOPE THERE IS SOMEONE GOING TO JOIN ME SLALOM IN JENGKA, I'D BE WILLING TO HELP THE BASICS EVEN THO IM NOT A PRO MYSELF.


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