Urgent Need!


No More HP520, No More Desktop P4, Here Goes i3 :)


most of the my conversation with buyer or seller always start like that but more specifically like hi seller, hi buyer, hi nice guy. hahaha.

As per title above, ive already sold those notebooks and old desktop that i have, but still my budget after all the selling and sweet talking is not over a thousand. pfft.
hoping and praying + guessing for more cash lead me to nothing.
after selling my old desktop for RM150 (thanks kamarul! aka. LordQ in Lelong),  he decided to buy those cheap pc. after  that me and my brother decide to look + survey for a new laptop which we think only to survey.
But hey! everything is possible isnt ^_^, since there was a sudden ideas came out from my brother after looking saw some pamplet said that an i3 Desktop only cost around RM919, what?!
So the ideas was to buy those desktop rather than a laptop cause a laptop cost alot more with the spec almost the same with these desktop.

but the i did think on how do i get it back to jengka?. whaat?! ive already bought a ticket (RM15.60) which cost alot if its for me :(, and i dont want to waste it just like that and ride a car with my brother which of course im the one to pay for the gas :/ or atleast half of the cost go back and forth to jengka.
Then, it end up with the idea switching the laptop which my brother had with the dekstop that i bought, and its actually a fair trade XD

So we did bought those CPU unit at Jayacom Digital Mall PJ, It cost me RM945 with an addition of mouse which actually cost me RM40 + MMC reader cost of rm10 as a gift :D

Those CPU unit come with these spec:

Pentium i3-530
2GB DDR3 1333Mhz
500 GB sata 7200 RPM
Intel HD graphics
DVD writer x8
Gigabyte HM555 Motherboard

so thats it, thats the best we could get with such a low price. (the list of spec might be wrong) :p
but yeah, we ask for a freedos unit :/
since im selling those kaspersky + win 7 ultimate license + microsoft office 2010 Proffesional Plus, why do i need to add more for them? i actually save RM900 only for those GENUINE LICENSE! hhuahaha.

so yeah, i assure you i could make it cheaper that RM900 only for license.

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