Urgent Need!


I need to post some new@interesting fact!

Seriously, when i read other's blog
i start to talk to myself, my blog looks gloomy :/
need to post something! something like pictures and lots of colour in it. .

i open up my page and think. . why do i think it looks funny, all i can imagine is some hideous looks of my page when ive add some colorful stuff~ hahaha, then i just let it be. :D

Okay now the story starts,

Brass Band Intensive Show

Yay! it was a success! the the show went smoothly without an obvious mistakes. well a little mistakes is a normal right since they are our junior and one of the best songs they have played. Congrats!!! to all part 2  brass band student, the show went superb! And because of large number of members that they had, the show looks grand despite of some problem due to number of instrument that we have. Even i said it goes smoothly, we were scold about something. they(juniors) receive  'somebody' order to "tabik hormat" when receiving the certificates, which should not be done since they didnt wear a formal uniform.
so anyway, CONGRATS!!
oh and i felt sorry to adila sabri, she were knock out by the heats of the sun :/ and miss the show, no worry, do your best next time!


Did you guys know that i sell kaspersky license? yes it was the key only! ive start selling it for sometime, and so far there is no complaint or anything from my customer, and im glad and i want to keep that as my customer will alwasy rate me. Guess what, after ive start making this business, i didnt ask for money from my siblings anymore. woah! i can live just fine at UiTM just by selling kaspersky and notebook reformat services. I kept on thinking how could i expand my business? how do i make people interested with it?
ive lowered my price some more from the original value to attract more people, and yes its working for sometimes, but then the business has gone slow again.
Anyway, im thinking on selling the one with retail packages. Kaspersky products in box with original package which include cd/manual/box/llicense key card. Yeah the different in price are HUGE! But hey by doing that im providing option to the customer for buying a cheaper item or buying an item that trust. :D

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