Urgent Need!


New features!

Lol yeah right new features.

the new features is that ive added a page for my inline skate activities;

ill update it whenever i felt like it or whenever ive got something new in my grasp.

and yeah, i admit  that i havent update this blog for <insert period here> because lot of  things going in, on, at my head :p

1. final + report + presentation
2. money (selling activities - kaspersky/windows7/microsoft office)
3. inline skate (community and tricks)
4. home and ppl around it

1. Common Presentation / Report / Final
Fundamentals of Entrepreneuship / Construction Management & Construction Project / ALOT of paper.
bla bla bla bla the point is, this filling my life at jengka over 50% of my life. tch, whyyyyyy!!!?

2. Money -  Business is going good
As ive learnt in Entrepreneurship, i manage to penetrate the market and sells quite a number of them (kaspersky license) and several of it(windows 7 and microsoft office license). and my mission after this is to penetrate Shah Alam's market share of laptop formatting and kaspersky license.

3. Inline Skate - SLALOM @ FREE SKATE?!
yeah, at first im really interested with the freestyle slalom discipline, then after awhile ive come across Greg Mirzoyan's video and im waaaaay soo intrested with urban freeskate. yah! way to go!~
so now ive been practicing few slalom and alot of jump in order to survive the great great urban way of freeskating activities. and yeah, ive bought 4pcs of wheel to set my rocker type wheel to flat setup for stability attribute in order to run for freeskate.

4. Home
omg ive been missing to stay at home with my family = ='
nak dok umah! x sbar nak balik boh. yeayea!

5. Nur Atekah Ulfah
Ive been asked by her, 'why your blog doesnt tell anything about me'.
hahaha! i wonder why@@? <insert reason here>
well, as my opinion, id rather keep everything between us and not telling everyone about you.
if everyone know what you'd like, what you love to do, you color, your favorite number and all. *this makes the one who going to flirt with you plan their step for being close with  you*; yes im a psycho who doesnt want to lose his future wife. its better if im the only know.
ill keep my promise for us forever kay dear ;) - yah mock me for being a lover boy / jiwang, atleast im not a FOREVERALONE guy like <insert someone you know>. so be it.

so thats the summary of  my long gone / missing in action from my blog, so for those who following my blog(if there are any lol). ill make it more interesting next time. sorry ya ;0

best regards,
zuheir  ;)

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