Urgent Need!


say what?!

zuheir is back in action! hahaha thanks for muafakatwifi, im now have the mood back to start blogging again~ lol
so whats up? bersih is whats up! hahaha
bersih bersih bersih. . is it necessary for this rally? really ncessary to have this rally thus giving trouble to others? whatttaaa?
well, im in no position to commenting about this. because im at jengka! hahaha.


well, ive been trying to make money in order to survive at uitm jengka without any loan. but then my kaspersky products is selling slooowly. i wonder why, there is almost no ppl wanted to buy it. whyyy???! so ive been looking for opportunities to make business. Then my proposal has been approve to be the wheel love online sales agent. yeahhh! so ive started to sells their item, accessories, clothing, basically everything!

1. Shoes
2. Complete Inline Skates
3. Protective Gear
4. Yoyo

so for now, thats the list of item im selling. phew. hope this could works.


Studies been doing well, im thinking that for now analysis wasnt so bad as solid and mechanic thous. i think those were harder. but yes concrete design are harddd! hardd! as they are really confusing. with 5 books for only this 1 class? wow. And yes, steel also almost the same, 5 books for 1 class. why is this happening!!!
this semester using so much money for cidb, over 10 books costing about 100+ and cidb green card almost RM70. omg. whyyy?!

this sem im taking 6 subjects
1. structure analysis
2. Concrete Design
3. Hydraulics
4. Waste water system
5. Steel timber
6. Project Design.

so thats for now. will update em later. :3

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