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Difference of Original, AP Set & Water Set

Original Set
- Nokia authorized distributors are 
Zitron, Avaxx and i-Mobile.
- Sony Ericsson authorized distributors are T-Choice, Grandtech, Midlands and Thorus.
- First Mobile Group (FMG) is the main distributor of Samsung phones.
- FMG is giving 18 months warranty.
- Motorola authorized distributor are 
Satellite Technics, Zitron and MDM.
- Siemens authorized distributors are Zitron and FMG.
- Panasonic's authorized distributor is Zitron.
- LG's authorized distributor is Zitron.
- u can service your phone at any service centres (Nokia Professional Centre, Sony Ericsson Certified Service Centres...)
- 1 year warranty for the full set including charger, battery, handsfree.
- genuine parts are used for repairing.

AP Set
- Approval Products
- mainly imported from oversea and sell it to the consumers.
- AP set warranty by companies such as Final Choice, CSL, Nefion, Telstra, GTMax...etc
- 1 year warranty for the phone and 1 month for the accessories like charger, battery, handsfree. 
- u must bring your phone back to the place u bought the phone for servicing.

Water Set
- Stolen / Brought in / Bought from oversea without paying tax also getting approval from SIRIM. Considered as Illegal. Mostly brought in by student studying oversea. 
- Phones can be brought in from oversea by anyone under household personal effect, which means they aer not for commercial purpose. But when they are brought in under that effect, but ended up for commercial purpose, then the phone is considered illegal to be sold, known as "waterset".

Identify Original and AP Set
- take out the phone case and battery.
- original set comes with authorized company sticker (Zitron, Avaxx, T-Choice, Midland...)
- AP set comes with AP company sticker (Final Choice...)
- press *#06# to check the phone 15 digit serial number (IMEI).
- compare it with the IMEI written on phone sticker (back of phone case) and package box sticker. 
- for original set, these serial numbers are the same.

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